2 thoughts on “Pinch pots

  1. Hi Kathy,
    I am sorry I did not get to meet you personally at the Grahamsville Fair this year. I was there both Sat. & Sun. Your work is absolutely gorgeous! I am a member of the Brooklyn Women’s Exchange in Brooklyn Heights. We have a shop, largely consignment, featuring crafts of all kinds. I purchased one of your pieces and will submit it to the Merchandise Committee at our first meeting in a couple of weeks. I feel confident they will be very interested in showing (and selling!) your work. Consignors receive 70% of the sale price.
    Please check out out website brooklyn-womens-exchange.org
    The ladies who are in change of the “Home” section of goods are Kristin Becker and Joanne Mack. I will pass your information on to them and hope you will become another one of our very successful Consignors!
    Joan Small

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