Join me for pottery classes at Kathy Jeffers Studio on Route 42 near Woodbourne, New York. Classes are held every Wednesday from 1pm to 3pm, and Saturdays 11am to 1pm. Call (845)434-2987 to register!

I taught wheel throwing classes back in the 1970’s for several years when I was a full time potter at Baldwin Pottery in New York City. In recent years, as I have been devoting much more of my time to potting after a hiatus of several years during which I pursued my 3-D illustration and commercial sculpting careers, and I have also been enjoying teaching pottery again. I taught handbuilding at Catskill Art Society for three years, then at a local community center, The Old Stone House, for two years.

Three years ago I created a fully equipped pottery studio, including pottery wheels, in my own basement at my country house, and have been holding mostly adult classes there.

I currently teach one class on Wednesdays, and am hoping to form one more class on Saturday if there is demand for that. I love teaching, and I believe that pottery is a wonderful de-stresser and a way for people to find a creative, enriching, and relaxing outlet in their busy lives.

I teach mostly handbuilding, which includes the three basic techniques of pinch, slab, and coil. When students express an interest in wheel throwing, I work that into the class as well. I prefer to have small classes so there is time to give individual attention to each student. With that in mind, I keep the class size to 6 students or less. Every student, I find, comes to the class possessing varying experience and skill in working with their hands and I like to gear my approach to each student with that in mind. Some have previous experience with clay, but it runs the gamut from experienced crafters to people who have never done any crafts or artwork with their hands at all. Classes are currently $18 per class, with additional small clay and firing fees.

Classes are paid on a single class basis, so you don’t have to sign up for a series and lose out if you find you can’t come on certain weeks. So please join us for a new and rewarding experience!